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All I currently do revolves around proactive support of diversity and social inclusion of vulnerable and excluded persons who have lesser opportunities in terms of access to knowledge and the labour market. Consequently, my main interest is social responsibility of enterprises and universities. In this context, I try to develop the notion of the Manager of the Future together with my collaborators, people who see potential everywhere others do not yet see it. I appreciate social innovation, a driving force behind the activity of such leaders and an important sustainable development factor. To me, diversity in society is an enrichment rather than a threat, which is why I support minorities whose undisturbed functioning is a foundation of each healthy democracy.

My daily work involves heading the Jagiellonian University’s Disability Support Service and the Managers of the Future MOFFIN Foundation. I am also a member of Ashoka, an international network of social innovators, bringing together people from across the globe working for the common good. I am a political scientist by profession. I graduated in Political Science (major Journalism) from the Jagiellonian University of Krakow and I consider the knowledge I acquired there a highly valuable aid for understanding the world around us, which is changing very rapidly at the moment. I have worked as a radio journalist and reportage maker collaborating with the Reportage and Documentary Studio of the Polish Radio.

Irek Białek