That Evening’s Poetry

It is raining as I write this and there was a storm before. When I learned about the artist’s ultimate departure, it was raining and there had been a storm before. The moment I want to talk about began with a storm and then it was raining.
To Touch Culture stands for intimate concerts where anyone who so wishes can establish some, if fleeting, contact with the artist performing in a given year’s edition of the event at the courtyard of the Collegium Maius. That is a special scenery indeed and when good music sounds there, one can be easily transported skywards. Back then, in 2013 many claimed to be in heaven.
The concert was beginning at 20:00 hours. The courtyard in question is not protected against the elements and although the weather in June is typically good, it can sometimes deteriorate. Such is the beauty of the climate we live in. Ten minutes before eight, heavy clouds gathered over Kraków. A few minutes later, I was in the artist’s dressing room. I asked whether the start of the gig should not be delayed so that the rain could end.
– Such great weather throughout the day and now the rain. It must be this evening’s poetry then. Let’s go – said Tomasz Stańko casually picking up his legendary trumpet.
The first notes of his album Wisława were still played against a backdrop of thunders. Later, in regular rain, the music travelled far, also thanks to Dominik Wania’s piano accompanying Tomasz that evening.
When thunders were striking, I was not yet sure whether the performance would go on but just a while later I realised that nature offered us something additional, something unusual that does not happen on a daily basis. I understood that was the poetry of the evening. Today, I wish to recall that moment grateful to my destiny that I was able to make my humble contribution to its existence, there and then. I know that emotions triggered by that music will stay with me forever and probably with many others in the audience present at that memorable concert.
Snippets from Tomasz Stańko and Dominik Wania’s concert at the courtyard of the Jagiellonian University’s Collegium Maius held as part of the To Touch Culture event featuring in video footage entitled ‘The Elusive Target’, June 2013

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